Many of our OUTERBRIDGE jewelry pieces are 14k gold plated, 14k rose gold plated and silver plated bronze or sterling silver. It's important with fine jewelry and especially plated jewelry to take special care as over time plating can tarnish or fade through natural wear and tear. Below are some helpful tips to preseve and care for your pieces plated finish: 

  • Do not wear jewelry while in a pool, hot tub, ocean or bathing. The chlorine and salt water can damage the plating as well as gemstones.
  • Apply make-up or hairspray before putting on jewelry as they contain chemicals that could affect your jewelry.
  • Wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to keep it clean always as perfume, perspiration and chemicals present in make up can take its toll on all jewelry. 
  • Always remove jewelry for any stremous activities.
  • Do not store jewelry in car, by heating vents or close to window sills but rather in a cool dry place.
  • After wearing wipe jewelry clean with a 100% cotton cloth to remove body oils and make up which can damage it over time.
  • Protect all jewelry from sharp blows, scratches, chemicals and extreme temperatures to preserve its beauty. 

OUTERBRIDGE Jewelry takes great pride in our products and uses plating to keep the price point down for our customers. As with all products wear and tear over time is natural. As we want to keep our products as beautiful and shiny as you purchased them, if your jewelry over time has begun to tarnish or fade we do provide a replating service to restore the finish. The replating fee is $18 and does not included shipping. Once we have received your goods we will then return them to you replated within 10 days of receipt.