Alexandra Outerbridge is a Los Angeles based jewelry designer residing in the east side LA neighborhood of Los Feliz. Originally hailing from the small island of Bermuda, Alexandra spent her formative years in London, England.

Raised in a creatively rich household with a photographer as a father and an oil painter as a grandfather she was always surrounded by art and pushed to pursue creativity in any form.

At a young age Alexandra excelled in studio arts, first receiving recognition from the Royal Society of Arts at the age of 10 years old in London after her art teacher submitted her work for review without her knowledge. After this she continued her formal art training in London before travelling to Miami, Florida to pursue her higher education at the University of Miami.

After many years concentrating solely on her sketching and oil painting Alexandra decided to transfer her creative outlets into jewelry making. Much of the inspiration for Outerbridge Jewelry is drawn from local Los Angeles vibrant youth and street culture. Alexandra’s designs also draw influences from her sunny island roots mixed with a London edge bringing unique and contemporary pieces to life. All Outerbridge pieces are designed, produced and made locally in downtown in the heart of Los Angeles from start to finish.