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     The ever Lovely fashion blog Two + Seven did a lovely write up on OUTERBRIDGE, check it out below or visit their website for the full article:

    "When your father is a photographer and your grandfather, a painter, it’s no surprise that jewelry designerAlexandra Outerbridge has creative blood running through her veins. Made in America (Los Angeles, to be exact), Outerbridge’s sunny, whimsical designs reflect her past and present surroundings–laid-back vibes originated in Bermuda and Miami, while time spent in London contributes a subtle urban edge to her aesthetic. two+seven talks creativity with the artist in an exclusive interview:

    two + seven: Tell us how Outerbridge Jewelry came about—what was the best part of it and what were the struggles?

    Alexandra Outerbridge: I’ve been a jewelry obsessor/lover since I came out of the womb! I woke up one day, and since I’m quite picky about my jewelry, I wanted to make one piece just for personal use. One piece quickly transformed into ten in the span of a month, and I knew I was on to something when I was asked to sell the pieces I was wearing on the spot!

    Of course there were struggles, as I had to navigate a very private and closed industry. There’s no manual to the reality of each step; of the real life process it takes to make a piece. You can sit in a classroom and be ‘taught’ to draw, design and given a couple of pointers, but learning the ins and out of production—no one can teach that. 

    2+7:  It’s exciting that your jewelry line is made in the USA! Can you tell us a little bit on why you decided to produce it here?

    AO: I live in and love the City of Los Angeles, which gives me ample tools on my doorstep to create just about anything. I’m lucky to live in a city which has not only an official ‘Jewelry District’ in the downtown area, but to have one of the best in the country. I want my pieces not to be just a necklace or a ring but as if you’re purchasing and rocking a small little piece of LA. Perhaps too because I am slightly a control freak and I couldn’t bear the thought of not being apart of every step of the production process. Not to mention most importantly I want to support the Los Angeles and American economy—this is an American brand, made in America! 

    2+7: You mentioned that you draw inspiration from Los Angeles’ vibrant youth and street culture. Are there any specific locations in L.A. that you took direct inspiration from for your collection?

    AO: Absolutely! I live in the what’s deemed one of the more creative/artistic Los Angeles neighborhoods: Los Feliz/Silverlake. Where I live you see, interact and feel the ‘real people’ of LA—it’s still raw and less glossy as other neighborhoods. I also spend a lot of time in Venice which still has some grit and true ‘this is LA’ vibes. 

    2+7:  What’s your favorite pieces in your collection?

    AO: The Empire Stacking Ring, Double Sided Smiley x Sad Necklace and the Double Sided Dead Upon Arrival x Lover Face Necklace. I like to wear my mood 

    2+7: If you can describe yourself in one outfit, what would it be?

    AO: Alexander Wang T-Shirt in black or white, any pair of blue jeans and Converse Chuck Taylors and decked out in gold jewelry completely over accessorized!

    2+7:  What’s next?

    AO: A new collection! I’m working on it right now; so excited about it."

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